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Bed & Breakfast - Piedmont
Bella Baita - Bed and Breakfast
Pinasca (To)
Bella Baita - Bed and Breakfast - Pinasca (To)

Looking for a unique off the beaten path, homey mountain accommodation offering a balance between independence and being a part of the family? Bella Baita B&B is more of a home stay in a small inn. It's somewhere you can experience an authentic Italian Alps holiday? Whether a short break or longer stay is what you desire, Bella Baita (mountain cabin), is a natural choice for your home sweet home base. Our affordable B&B is located at 3,609 ft (1,100 m) in Piedmont's alps between Briancon, France (50 miles west) and Turin, Italy (31 miles east) and a great base for exploring the range of mountain activities or discovering the cultural and culinary delights.

Our tranquil borgata(cluster of houses), Serre Marchetto's , location, is a welcoming oasis on the way to the characteristic mountain hamlets of the Grandubbione area, another 3 miles (5 km) further on, and to the end of our road. This area is accessible by foot, as a part of the Dubbione river loop or by bike on the road or on the single track for those looking for a greater challenge. If technical climbing is one of your interests, you will find a climbing area challenging enough that the Italian army trains there almost every spring.

Going by car for a nosey around and maybe a picnic is yet another option, giving you an idea what life must have been like living up here many years ago before the road was put in. Enjoy the fresh air, sounds of nature and a panoramic view of the French border. Get up early enough and you might even see some caprioli, small red deer that bounce through the neighborhood. Wildflowers in the spring are abundant and porcini mushrooms abundant in the autumn, weather cooperating of course. All of this topped off with hearty home made food served in our casual setting. If you want to pick up some tips and recipes on dishes from this part of Italy, you can sign on for one of our "Cooking Together" sessions and savor the fruits of your labors. All in all it's a relaxing atmosphere in a peaceful setting surrounded by natures gifts and beauty.


Rooms with private bath.
Private entrance to the room.
Internet connection in every room.
Corsi di cucina su richiesta.

Bella Baita - breakfast room
Double room - Bella Baita
Double room - Bella Baita
Bella Baita - Culinary Tour
Bella Baita - Appetizer typical Piedmont
Bella Baita - The homemade bread
Bella Baita - Wine Tour
Personalized cooking classes
Typical dishes in the Piedmont
Bella Baita - Local cheeses
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