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Le attività sportive che puoi trovare in piemonte
Palazzo Reale Torino
The renewals were at first given to Juvarra, during the XVII century, and then in XIX century to Palagi; they made this palace...more>>>>
Palazzo Reale Torino
The origins of this palace go back to the roman castrum, but the name of the palace came from Miss Cristina of France and Maria ... more>>>>
Palazzo Reale Torino
The residences of Savoia, situated in Turin and in its proximity, represent a complete view of the monumental... more>>>>
Palazzo Chiablese Torino
Redesigned from Benedetto Alfieri in the middle of XVIII century, the palace was, during the centuries, residence of the Princes of the dynasty... more>>>>
Venaria Reale - Torino
Built in the middle of XVII century as a hunting residence for Carlo Emanuele II, the project was let to Amedeo of Castellamonte... more>>>>
Villa della Regina - Torino
Born as a vineyard in the court of the cardinal Maurizio and of the princess Ludovica, it was a delicious residence for Duchess, princesses and Queen of Savoia... more>>>>
Castello del Valentino - Torino
In the heart of a nineteenth-century park, the Castle had had in the centuries different uses till it became the seat of Politecnico...more>>>>
Castello di Moncalieri - Moncalieri - Torino
Already suburban residence in XVI century knew its period of heigh splendor under Cristina of France, first regent of the House of Savoy... more>>>>
Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi - Torino
Filippo Juvarra, designed for the sovereign an extraordinary architecture, inspired by the residences of Mitteleurope...more>>>>
Castello di Rivoli - Rivoli - Torino
Property of the Savoy’s dynasty since 1247, the castle was before seat of the court of the Dukedom... more>>>>
Castello Ducale di Agliè - Torino
A seven centuries long story, it has seen the passing of Dukes, Princes, Kings: the castle of Agliè...more>>>>
La Mandria - Venaria Reale - Torino
Built during the creation of the Palace of Venaria for the farming of thoroughbreds, it was successively...more>>>>
Castello di Racconigi - Racconigi
95. Wonderful ornithological collections are here from the period of Carlo Alberto since the fall of the monarchy, the Royal family... more>>>>
Castello di Racconigi - Racconigi
It was Carlo Alberto at first that understood the agricultural potentiality of Pollenzo, he created a farm with vineyards and wine cellars...more>>>>
Castello di Govone
The Medieval fortress, was rebuilt in the actual baroque form from the earls Solaro, they made the statues that decorate the façade build...more>>>>
Castello di Casotto
In origin it was a monastery, it was brought from Savoy and transformed in hunting castle by Carlo Alberto... more>>>>
Castello Cavour di Santena - Santena
An old castle modified more than once in the past, today it is a XVII century's residence projected from the architect... more>>>>
Castello di Susa
From the high Rock of Susa, this castle is witness of hundred years of history... more>>>>
Basilica di Superga - Torino
In 1706, during the French-Spanish siege, the Duke of Savoy Vittorio Amedeo II went to Superga to...more>>>>
Santuario di Oropa - Biella
The origins of this sanctuary that is situated at an altitude of 1,200 meters are very ancient: it was at first a place... more>>>>
Santuario di Vicoforte - Mondovì
The Duke Carlo Emanuele I, surprised for the popular devotion that characterized the pillar of the Virgin, entrusted Ascanio Vitozzi... more>>>>
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