• Holiday in Italy - Your unique and exclusive vacation - Holiday in Italy - Your unique and exclusive vacation
It's in 1786 when Antonio Benedetto Carpano started the production, in a store under the arcades of Piazza Castello, an aromatized...more>>
La merenda Sinoira is a rustic tradition of Piedmont. Today even in the cities of Piedmont the waiting for cinema...more>>
It's a typical dish of the period of grape harvest, so it is consumed principally in Autumn and in Winter:...more>>
Il Bollito piemontese
It's the main course made of different carving of flesh that are boiled for long times and then served very hot with...more>>
Il bagnetto piemontese ('l bagnet)
Anchovies, slices of bread, vinegar, parsley, garlic, eggs and squeezed...more>>
Fritto misto piemontese
"Il fritto misto alla piemontese" is a unique dish and of ancient popular tradition, when the animals...more>>
Il bicerin
Since the XIX century you can sit at bars in the center of the city and order "Bicerin", it has bitter-sweet taste made of chocolate...more>>
Il genepy
Genepy is a liquor that comes from aromatic plants that have the same name, typical of Piedmont's... more>>
Il caffe
In the cities and in the villages we taste the best Italian coffee... more>>
Il gianduiotto
Its creation came from confectioners of Turin that substituted with cheaper Langhe's hazelnuts a... more>>
La grappa piemontese
Grappa comes from the distillation of wine-coloured, obtained from the racking off of red wines... more>>
If you want to visit these cities, their history, their gastronomy and all the excellences that surround them, ask for an estimate and we suggest you an exclusively and unique holiday.